Wood Garden Dungeon Guide[1]Edit


Wood Garden Dungeon has numerous monsters tending to launch ranged and AOE attacks, and special pillars. If you want to conquer the dungeon more quickly, you'd better team up with more than 2 ranged DPSers. The ideal team should have a gunner and a mage. If the average level of your team is below 45, you should add two healers for the sake of safety, a sage and a priest are best, or two priests, or one Level 50 healer with more than 10,000 HP and good skills. Sages are not indispensable, for priests can also play the same role, but they will be tired in this way. It is not suggested that players confine to a certain class or level. If only team members have a perfect mutual understanding and willing to help each other, the team will be the strongest.

Tanks are advised to have over 11,000 HP, which is almost enough to resist the boss' ultimate skill for twice. Because if tanks are wiped out by the boss instantly, priests will be of no help, no matter how strong they are. The bosses in Wood Garden Dungeon have characteristic attack skills. Players must dodge, otherwise, they will lose their lives in a second if they don't have high HP.

Wood Garden Enterance and MapEdit

Wood garden dungeon map01

WG Entrance

Phase OneEdit

You can see a great many leopards the instant that you set foot in the dungeon. It is easy for a team with averagely level 45+ members to clear them, for those leopards don't have troublesome debuffs. If you want to get through the dungeon quickly, you can bypass the big tree following the arrow shown in the screenshot and directly rush toward the boss. Thus, you can save much time.

Wood garden dungeon01
Wood garden dungeon02

When coming to the Howling Wolf's location, no monsters can be found there at first. However, since players begin to attack the stone statue, a gang of monsters who can stun players will show up. Sages, don't forget to unleash the Cure skill to prevent from being stunned in advance.

After the stone statue was destroyed, the boss Howling Wolf will make its appearance. Please pay attention to two points when attacking it. Howling Wolf will summon little wolves to attack players at regular intervals, DPSers must smash little wolves first so as to protect healers from being attacked.

Aside from summoning little wolves, the boss can release AOE skills attached with continuous damage. If sages serve as healers, they only need to cast the Cure and Medical Spring skills to support DPSers, and then concentrate on healing tanks. If healers are priests, they should give priority to removing damage effects. When healers are too busy, DPSers should take care of themselves by moving back to drink potions and won't aggress again until their HP is full. Or else, melee DPSers without much HP can hardly have a narrow escape from the next skills.

Wood garden dungeon03
Wood garden dungeon05

Phase TwoEdit

On arrival of Amazon's Spring, a scorpion can be seen with a flower on the head. It is the most difficult monster to deal with, for it can slower players and deal persistent poisonous damage.

If only one sage is in the team, the sage should remember to use the Cure skill to free from the sustained damage debuffs and recover multiple members' HP. Only in this way can the team keep dealing damage and avoid getting bogged down without MP. The situation will be better if two healers are in the team.

The scorpion will divide into two parts: a scorpion and a flower after being killed. Tanks should act according to their abilities in the process of drawing monsters. Don't be greedy and desire for fast speed, otherwise the team will go more slowly if it is overwhelmed

Amazon can be easy or difficult to defeat. DPSers' damage is the key to success. Certainly, tanks also play an important role, provided they are not killed instantly.

Amazon is capable of casting AOE skills to drag players and slow down players at the same time, and then discharge poison, which will give rise to massive AOE damage and cause players lose HP for a long time.

In view of the boss' attack characteristics, it is recommended that players stand in the position as the screenshot shown (Only healers existed in this team). The healers and ranged DPSers should stand beside the stone next to the Boss' Statue, so that they can run away from the boss in time without being pulled to it.

Next, players must pay attention to the trigger conditions for the boss' AOE skills. When the boss is about to cast an AOE skill, it has to call out Repressed Statues (the small frog statues shown in the screenshot) and accumulate energy first. DPSers should focus on clearing such small statues in order for the boss not to accumulate energy. As long as DPSers are fast enough, the boss will have no chance to release AOE skills. In this way, it will be easier to overcome the boss.

Because of the boss' huge stature, sometimes the small statues may hide under the boss. Ranged DPSers need to press the Tab key frequently to search for small statues beside the boss.

If the boss begins to fire AOE skills, it might launch poisonous attacks for several times (I have met 4 times at most). At that time, DPSers must run as quickly as possible to stay away from the boss and get close to the healers in the event that they are poisoned and can be healed by healers. If sages have cast the Detoxication skill, don't forget to detoxify yourself there. After all, you can hardly restore all your HP just relying on potions. If only one sage is in a team, the sage ought to release the Detoxication skill immediately for the tank, otherwise, it will be difficult to recover the tank's HP.

Wood garden dungeon06
Wood garden dungeon07
Wood garden dungeon08

Phase ThreeEdit

Get to the Eagle's Den and you will discover many strange pillars and monsters around. Although these monsters have a high probability to drop equipment, if you want to save time, you can only eliminate them and move forward following the route shown in the screenshot.

P.S. For melee groups, it is not necessary to knock down the frontal pillars. After all, they will cost much time and energy.

The red pillar can jet out flames, while the blue one can give off auroras to push back players. Players should pull down the red pillar from the side and assign ranged DPSers to push over the blue one. Monsters there can emit arrow rains within an area.

Wood garden dungeon09
Wood garden dungeon10
Wood garden dungeon11
Wood garden dungeon12

On completion of rooting out nearby pillars and monsters, it is time to destruct the boss' statue and cope with the boss Winged Eagle. Among all dungeon bosses, Winged Eagle is the easiest to kill in case players take notice of its AOE skill "The Sky's Punishment". At the sight of the warning for this AOE skill, all DPSers must retreat, especially those with less than 6,000 HP, or else they are more likely to be killed in the twinkling of an eye. In the meantime, healers must cast skills (Sages' Guard skill or priests' Screen skill) to help defend tanks. As the boss' skill comes to an end, a slow recovery skill or AOE recovery skill must be unleashed to increase teammates' HP in preparation for the boss' next skill. Aside from The Sky's Punishment dealing massive damage, the boss is able to cast another AOE skill without prior warning. This skill causes less damage, but players who don't have high or full HP can be easily killed. Thus, melee DPSers must keep 5,000+ HP for security.

Wood garden dungeon13
Wood garden dungeon14

Final FightEdit

The final boss is Rodan, who has a command of AOE skills and can keep summoning strong monsters before its HP is below than 60%. Besides, it can summon stone statues to give itself buffs or damage players.

In light of these characteristics, suitable measures should be taken. Monsters will charge up the stairs and aim at the healers in defiance of other players. In that case, if healers are not tough enough, they will die quickly, which is always the main cause of the group's failure. To solve this problem, two healers are needed in a group. Nevertheless, healers are not easy to find. Thus, if only one healer is included, it must have high HP, otherwise, teammates will feel it thorny to rescue the healer.

When healers are almost worn out, take sages for example, they can throw the Cure and Medical Spring skills under their own feet, which can respectively prevent them from being stunned and restore both their and DPSers' HP. Next, cast the Harvest skill upon themselves and all teammates. In the later period, DPSers will help healers slay monsters, so they will stand closely. When more and more monsters show up, healers can give off the Holy Shield skill and continue using the Cure and Medical Spring skills upon themselves. Lastly, unleash the Guard and Harvest skills for tanks together with the AOE recovery skill, and the team can survive with a whole skin.

The team's damage output is also very important. Two monsters will be generated at a time. If DPSers have high enough attack, only one member is required to be responsible for wiping out monsters and others can focus on attacking the boss. Weaken the boss as fast as possible so that monsters won't go on appearing. On the contrary, DPSers cannot deal high damage, all DPSers must divert their attention to clearing monsters and saving healers when there are more than 4 monsters.

Apart from summoning monster with over 60% HP and releasing destructive AOE skills, the stone statues summoned by Rodan may give fatal strikes to the team.

Those stone statues fall into three types: one is huge and seems like a wolf, which can help increase the boss' buff effects. It is not very dangerous, but it can hold out for a long time.

Another is the frog statue that is subdivided into two kinds. One can increase nearby boss' buffs to bounce damage. If such buffs are discovered, tanks must draw the boss to another place at once. Another can deal AOE damage and players will lose HP continuously in such areas, which will impose a new burden on healers. Under such circumstances, DPSers should annihilate the stone statue or tanks can attract the boss to another position.

Wood garden dungeon15
Wood garden dungeon16

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