Hybrid - Shadow Walker

Style: Dual Daggers

Role: Melee DPS

Counterpart: Elf - Adventurer



Icon Name Description Type
Swift Attack 2
Spiral Jab 2
Accurate Lunge
Shifting Blow 2
Savage Toenail 2
Shadow Anchor
Vigorous Assault
Serpent Sting
Crippling Jab 2
Paralytic Strike 2
Danger Avoidance
Exposed Weakness
Emergency Cure 2
Hidden Vestige
Dark Seed
Wolf Cry
Bolstered Aggression 2
Hastened Drive
Shadow Protection 2
Beastial Instincs 2
Protection Aura 2
Hastened Agression
Toughness 2
Wild Nature 2
Sharpened Daggers 2
Improved Daggers 2
Dagger Expert
Strengthened Mail Armor 2
Enhanced Mail Armor 2

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