There are two types of item reinforcement namely Enhance and Card Installation.


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You can gain access to the Enhance window by double click on an Incant Card or type "/reinforcement". There are three slots, item - item will be enhanced, materials - Incant Cards, protect - protective items.

Incant Cards can be brough at the Card Merchant (293,261) in Terminus. Incant Cards can also drop by defeating normal monsters as a rare drop.

The maximum enhancement is +10.

Card InstallationEdit

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Card Installation

You can gain access to the Card Installation window by double click on an Equipment Installation Card or type "/equip".

Equipment Installation Cards are made through Inscription (Assistant Skills). Normal monsters sometimes drop Old Cards which can easily be brough at the Card Merchant (293,261) in Terminus.

The maximum slots an item can have is 5.

Slot and Card TypesEdit

Slot and card types are based on common blood types. There are 4 common types of blood, A, B, AB and O. Certain types of card cannot be put in some types of slot. The table below demonstrates the possibility of each type of slot and card.

Slot and Card Types
Slot A Yes Yes
B Yes Yes
AB Yes Yes Yes Yes
O Yes

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