Human are a kind race, they are also strong in battle. They are direct descendants of the "Tree of Life". They have great adaptability to different environments, and possess great strength in magic and technology.

Human Skills
Fighter Mage

Knight · Gladiator · Mercenary

Magician · Priest


Hybrid (MonkeyRanger in Korea, Beast in Japan) Half human and half animal. Equipped with enormous physical strength and stamina with not much interest in magic, they add devastating power to their allies.

Hybrid Skills
Fighter Rogue

Knight · Gladiator · Mercenary

Shadow Walker · Hunter


Elves are peaceful creatures. They are keeper of nature with great intelligence. They have resided in the deep woods for many centuries, and possess great beauty with powers to control nature.

Elves Skills
Ranger Shaman

Adventurer · Scout

Warlock · Sage

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