Human - Mercenary

Style: Dual Swords

Role: Melee DPS

Counterpart: Hybrid - Barbarian



Icon Name Description Type
Hastened Slash 2
Tyrant Strike
Accelerated Chop 2
Devided Slash 2
Chilled Tempest Penetration
Charge 2
Annihilate 2
Madusa Strike
Tempest Slash 2
AcceIerated Jab 2
Chilled Slash
Focused Attack 2
Final Flash 2
Warrior's Will
Blood Purification
Warrior's Strife
Subdue 2
Robust Protection 2
Focused Protection 2
Final Promise 2
Inquiring Mind 2
Resiliance 2
Sharpened Dual Swords
Inspired Heavy Armor 2
Improved Heavy Armor
Strengthened Heavy Armor 2
Dual Swords Expert 2

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