Human - Knight

Style: 1H Sword and Shield, Pve tank.

Armor: Heavy

Role: Tank

Counterpart: Hybrid - Guardian


  • High physical defence
  • High hitpoints
  • Good party defence buffs


  • Pvp is hard
  • Low magical defence


Icon Name Description Type
Heroic Strike 2

9 Edit

Torrent Slash
Deviated Crash 2
Armor Destruction 2
Shield Bash 2
Rotating Shield Bash
Sheild Throw 2
Force Control
Charge 2
Void Strike
Threat Acention 2
Challenging Roar
Provoke 2
Aggravating Strike
Circumventing Provoke
Swayed Attention 2
Inspeired Defense
Safeguard 2
Protective Posture 2
Shield Support
Final Protection 2
Inquireing Mind 2
Restriant Amnesty
Protective Armor
Resilience 2
Shield Training
Inspired Heavy Armor 2
Improved Heavy Armor
Strengthened Heavy Armor 2
Shield Expert 2

Human Skills
Fighter Mage

Knight · Gladiator · Mercenary

Magician · Priest

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