One of the primary Attributes of Iris.

Intel EffectsEdit

One point into Intel generates:

  • 0.25 Magic Attack for Battle and Agility Classes
  • 0.5 Magic Attack for Caster Classes
  • 5 MP
  • 0.2 HP Recovery
  • 0.2 MP Recovery
  • 1.5 Magic Defense
  • 0.1 Magic Critical
  • 0.1 Magic Hit Chance
  • 0.06 Magic Resistance
  • 0.12 Heal
  • 0.1 Magic Protection

Base IntelEdit

Each Class begins with a set amount of Intel, as follows:

Battle Classes Fighter Fighter Sub-Classes Warrior Warrior Sub-Classes
Agility Classes Ranger Ranger Sub-Classes Rogue Rogue Sub-Classes
Caster Classes Mage Mage Sub-Classes Shaman Shaman Sub-Classes

Class ModifiersEdit

Intel gained each level is determined by Class. The Intel gained each level is as follows:

Battle Classes Fighter Knight Mercenary Gladiator Templar Legionnare Crusader
Warrior Barbarian Guardian Beserker Myrmidon Champion Vanquisher
Agility Classes Ranger Adventurer Scout Wind Walker Sniper
Rogue Shadow Walker Hunter Assassin Desperado
Caster Classes Mage Magician Priest Wizard High Priest
Shaman Warlock Sage Sorcerer Elementalist

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