Hybrid - Hunter

Style: Gun

Role: Ranged DPS

Counterpart: Elf - Scout



Icon Name Description Type
Slingshot 2
Focused Fire
Dexterous Shot 2
Conflagrated Barrage
Armor Penetration 2
Breach Fire 2
Hazy Strike
Magic Block
Penetrating Shot 2
Barbed Shot
Conceal 2
Adhering Terrain
Manticore Sting 2
Timed Bomb 2
Bomb Throw
Magical Resistance
Ranged Fire 2
Focused Sight
Brief Alacrity 2
Shadowy Marksman
Hawk Eye
Wild Nature 2
Gun Expert 2
Gun Scope 2
Improved Guns
Strengthened Mail Armor 2
Fortified Mail Armor 2

Hybrid Skills
Fighter Rogue

Knight · Gladiator · Mercenary

Shadow Walker · Hunter

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