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Icons Weapon's Name Level Type Physical Attack Range NPC Price [Buy/Sell] Weight Extra Stats Card Slots How to obtained Effects
Dual Short Sword Dual Short Sword 5 Normal 73~96 0.8m 2070/207 34 - - Terminus, Spike Schulz -
Dual Long Sword Dual Long Sword 10 Normal 92~115 0.8m 3690/369 49 - - Terminus, Spike Schulz -
Dual War Sword Dual War Sword 15 Normal 110~138 0.8m 5265/ 46 - - Terminus, Spike Schulz -
Warrior's Dual Battle Sword Warrior's Dual Battle Sword 20 Rare 143~179 0.8m 2500 Force points/- 14 Max HP +200 A,B,O Force Vending Machine

Weapon attack +25

Critical +80

For 20 seconds

Expert's Dual Scimitar Expert's Dual Scimitar 35 Magic 229~286 0.8m -/1174 70

Power +16


Stamina +9

A,B Hidden Cave, Deuro Treekan -
Warrior's Dual Saber Warrior's Dual Saber 40 Rare 296~371 0.8m 20000 Force Points/- 22 Max HP +402 A,B,O Force Vending Machine

Weapon attack +60

Crit +150

For 20 seconds

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