Dimensional Rift
Dimensional Rift is some sort of flying book who lurks in the Tutorial map. The quest it gives lets you understand a bit more about the story of Iris Online.

This book includes stories about the Monarch of Darkness, the Dimensional Rift, and also about dungeons.

Dimensional Rift's Trace - Chapter 1Edit

One day, Lord Archane stumbled upon a rune fragment from Infinitas. Realizing the rune could generate powers from other dimensions, Archane created a great sword and named it The Sword of Shadows. Expecting a disruption that would collapse all laws of nature, Pylon, the Elf lord, persuaded other races to unite against Archane and his army. But Archane's new weapon dominated the battledfield, and Pylon's united armies were left in total annihilation.

Dimensional Rift's Trace - Chapter 2Edit

The Sword of Shadows soon created Dimensional Rifts in all sides of the continent, resulting in devastation and ruins throughout Arcana. Due to the desolation, the Elders of Duran Assembly ordered Archane to destroy the weapon. But Archane became filled with greed and slowly descend into madness, enslaved by the power the sword possessed. Eventually, Archane summoned demons from the other dimensions, creating the army of Sahar that was feared by all.

Dimensional Rift's Trace - Chapter 3Edit

The Monarch of Darkness was eventually sealed behind one of the Dimensional Rifts, and Arcana slowly returned to peace. However an evil aura still leaks from the rift, creating strange and fearful spaces called Dungeons. It is the responsibility of all Arcanian soldiers to find these dungeons and purify them of the evil aura.

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