Ingredients Obtain From Location
Ant Juice
Bitter Seasoning Cooking Assistant Skill N/A
Blue Mushroom Gloomy Towtul Hidden Cave
Boar Meat Mane Boar Resource Mine
Bright Spice Cooking Assistant Skill N/A
Bug-Eaten Sprout Treesello Altus Gorge
Bug Meat


Shrouded Valley
Shrouded Valley
Claws Red Stone Crab Red Sand Hill
Clean Mass of Ice

Little Big Foot
Big Foot

Altus Gorge
Shrouded Valley
Crab Meat Stone Crab Altus Gorge
Decayed Hyena Meat Dropped Out Hyena Resource Mine
Deer Antlers Shushu Logging Area
Deer Antlers Piece Snowfield Shushu Altus Gorge
Deer Antlers Horn Desert Shushu Spirit's Shelter
Dried Leaf Barren Treeky Wind Basin
Fire Jewel Phinez Warrior's Refuge
Flour Elsa Walker (NPC) Terminus
Frosty Brown Bear Meat Frosty Brown Bear Resource Mine
Frozen Sandwich Conflict valley
Ho Tribe Combat Ration Ho Tribe Patrol Hidden Cave 2f
Ho Tribe Lunch Box Ho Tribe Worker Hidden Cave 1F
Mushroom Mush Logging Area
Mole Meat Busy Topo
Resource Mine
Owl Meat Big Eye Owl
Angry Owl
Shebuz Snowfield
Shebuz Snowfield
Left Chunk of Meat Furious Blood Zombie Hidden Cave 2F
Left Snowman Lunch Box Snowman
Brown Fur Snowman
Shebuz Snowfield
Shebuz Snowfield
Lizzard Meat

Cave Lizard
Desert Lizard

Hidden Cavern 1F
Red Sand Hill
Pupa-Pupa Egg Dark Pupa-Pupa Frozen Nest
Rabbit Meat for Bait Ho Tribe Starving Dog Hidden Cave 2F
Rare Seasoning Cooking Assistant Skill N/A
Rat Meat for Bait Ho Tribe Hunting Dog Hidden Cave 1F
Red Mushroom Mad Mutul Hidden Cave
Salt Crystal Loch Red Sand Hill
Salty Seasoning Cooking Assistant Skill N/A
Shining Liquid


Hidden Cave 2F
Smelly Liquid Neil Shrouded Valley
Snowy Fur Bear Meat Snowy Fur Bear Altus Gorge
Soft Boar Meat Gale Boar Wind Basin
Soft Crab Meat Moss Crab Hidden Cave
Soft Leaf Deuro Treekan Hidden Cave
Soft Mole Meat Desert Topo Wind Basin
Soft Spider Meat Sand Spider Wind Basin
Soul's Essence Any monsters in Frozen Nest/Conflict Valley
Spider Meat Furry Spider Shebuz Snowfield
Spore Chunk Anger Mush Hidden Cave 2F
Spore Powder Plague Towtul Altus Gorge
Sticky Liquid Niria Hidden Cave 2F
Tough Hyena Meat Hyena Shrouded Valley
Tough Mole Meat Wandering Topo Resource Mine
Tough Leaf Treekan Hidden Cave 1F
Wind Crystal Phinny Red Sand Hill
Wind's Jewel Light Breeze Phinny Wind Basin
Worm Claws Red Sand Hill
Worm-worm Tail Sand Worm-Worm Spirit's Shelter

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