The following are the current documented mounts.

Mounts are animals/vehicles that makes one's character move faster from one place to another.

The first mount you will get is the grassland spider crab. it is a quest item where you defeat a mutant arachnid.

This one's speed is 20% speed boost

There are also force mounts that can be bought with force points, all mounts have 35% boost for 40,000 force points

agnes: silver wolf

nero: blue dinausaur

dera: red boar

helen: brown lycan

-There are also mounts that can be bought at the mount merchant in terminus, these mounts are also 35%

-Dungeon drops ex painye cat from painye cicus 30%

-Also there are cash shop mounts that have speed boost of 50%

-Mount drops from boxes that can or may not be permanent

-Quest mounts ex sleigh 40% and crab 25%

-Event mounts ex christmas reindeer 25%

01:40, February 17, 2011 (UTC)~

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